Energy efficiency: Motovario increasingly a ‘green company’

20 November 2020

In recent years, Motovario has been implementing various solutions and investments to increase the company's sustainability.

This year we achieved new key goals in our production plant in relation to lighting and the correct operation of our compressors.


Plant lighting

- The analyses and changes carried out enable us to save 250mWh every year, the equivalent of 100 tonnes of CO2.

Indeed, we identified brighter and darker areas by measuring the light in various areas of the plant.

After this analysis, we defined better ways of turning on the lighting system of each area.

The lights are controlled through a dedicated panel and there are light sensors adequately positioned outside the plant.

This means average electricity savings of 35% – 770 kWh per day.




With the aim of reducing the electricity consumption of compressed air used in the plant, we have done the following without altering operating conditions:

- Used ultrasound equipment to detect air leakages in the system to define the scope of the leak and the areas with greater dissipation.

- Trained personnel on how to use the valves correctly.

- Identified machines whose operation involved higher compressed air consumption and changed programs to optimize air blowing for the drying stage.

As for compressors, said air consumption optimization allowed for significant energy savings, equal to 190mWh every year, the equivalent of 75 tonnes of CO2!



Energy efficiency: Motovario increasingly a ‘green company’
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