Let's explore our French subsidiary

27 July 2022

What you're already sure to know is that Motovario France was established in 1995, and is based at Genas, near Lyon.

This strategic position means that it can deliver ready products to any part of Europe within 24 to 48 hours.


What you perhaps DON'T know is that Motovario France was the first MAC (Motovario Assembly Centre) for all our European subsidiaries.

Even though we now have over 50 MAC, Motovario France, with its over 3000 square metres of warehouse space, is still one of the main handling centres for Motovario products throughout Europe and North Africa.

With its highly specialist team, Motovario France can customise a product to fit the customer's requirements, offering a prompt and efficient service "built around the customer".


France is famous for its gastronomy, and Lyon in particular is known as the capital of taste. It earned this title thanks to Paul Bocuse, dubbed the Pope of French cuisine.


Lyon is also a very evocative city in terms of its architecture.

Indeed, it has historic buildings dating back to the 12th century, and this great legacy has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


So, you now have 3 good reasons to visit our French subsidiary:

1) It is one of our most successful MAC (Motovario Assembly Centres)

2) The cuisine is wonderful

3) The city's historic architecture is globally recognised and certainly well worth visiting.


What are you waiting for to come and see us?


Let's explore our French subsidiary
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