MAC, Motovario Assembly Centre: much more than just technical support!

25 September 2019
MAC is an acronym that for Motovario means much more than a simple qualification linked to the installation of our products around the world. 
Being MAC means being part of a network that works in close contact to guarantee product availability and to improve customer service.
Currently there are around 40 MACs in the world. How do you become one and why should you want to earn this title?
  • MACs respond directly to the demands of the market and make services available to customers within 24-48 hours.
  • MACs offer warranty terms and quality levels that are equal to the Motovario headquarters or its branches around the world.
  • MACs guarantee an efficient after-sales support that is already directly present on site.
  • MACs can always find products and all their parts.
Motovario constantly supports its MACs with training, direct contact and privileged communication channels within the company. Becoming a MAC also guarantees access to the MyMotovario portal, which offers services dedicated exclusively to our MACs.
For Motovario, the title of MAC is synonymous with a seal of quality and a guarantee of the work done. 
Becoming a MAC means becoming part of a professional family where excellence is the primary objective. 
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