Motovario “heart in Motion” never stops: New “motor assembly lines” – MUDA (waste) eliminitation

17 July 2020

Motovario has always been developing new designs for its products. The time has come to design our manufacturing processes also. Following the Lean manufacturing principles, we have introduced important changes in some areas of our assembly. 
Our new assembly lines for Motors and for Gear Reducers are now designed on a renewed philosophy: the operators should not waste energies on NVA activities (Non-Value Added) and maximize the VA ones (Value Added).

How can we can do it?

As a first thing, all materials, tools, and equipment should be available to the operators in their “Golden Zone”, handy, easy to reach and to move, thus creating many benefits:
- Ergonomy and cleanliness of the processes (5S)
- Higher production efficiency
- MUDA (Wastes) eliminations
- Lead Time reduction
- And consequently, an improved service level to our customers

We are revising our manufacturing processes to create a bright future for Motovario and all our stakeholders, further news will come during the year.


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