Sales Champions Cup: April cup goes to Gabriele Corradi!

27 April 2021

Gabriele Corradi, area manager at Motovario Italy, won the Sales Champion Cup in April thanks to a key project involving extrusion systems in the plastic processing sector for the production of profiles and pipes.

This remarkable result was achieved thanks to the direct technical collaboration of the My Expertise team and the customer's technical department in order to meet performance and customisation requests for the gear reducer.

The PBZ gear reducer with an extruder support has been specially configured and fitted with a suitably sized thrust bearing, capable of withstanding the high axial thrusts generated by the machine.

The PBZ gear reducer, the fulcrum of the machinery’s operation, proved to be a winner because of its extreme reliability and competitive price, together with the top support meticulously provided to the customer at the customisation stage to adapt specifications.

Constantly serving as the beating heart of each machine and right next to each one of our customers!

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Sales Champions Cup: April cup goes to Gabriele Corradi!
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