The Motovario sales network: strength, preparation and proactivity

01 April 2019

Every big company is a complex system where organisation, experience and human relationships are intertwined, creating something new and unique.

The Motovario sales network is a fundamental part of our business, allowing our company to achieve increasingly ambitious goals year after year.


How extensive is the Motovario sales network?

  • We have 7 branches in Europe, North America and Asia.
  • There are as many as 42 MACs located around the world. Thanks to our MACs, Motovario is present on all continents.
  • This widespread network is further enhanced by 150 retailers that are trained and remain in constant direct contact with the company.


Motovario is always close to all its collaborators and MACs.

This closeness allows us to remain faithful to our corporate values: innovation, quality, ethics.

To these we add customer care, which for us is a fundamental requirement and therefore always a top priority.


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