This is how our MACs get certified!

25 July 2022

Our Polish distributor Archimedes who became a MAC in 2012 and our Spanish subsidiary took part in the full assembly course for some Motovario products.

The course, consisting of a theoretical and a practical part, was entirely organised by the Motovario Italy team.

Jie Xu, Manufacturing Engineering Officer, explained the theoretical part, and Alfonso Adinolfi, assembly technologist, illustrated the assembly practices by faithfully reproducing the related processes according to Motovario criteria, starting with the operating instructions, equipment, and techniques for repairing parts.


Specifically for our Polish MAC, the course covered the HBS series of products:

For our Spanish subsidiary Motovario SAU, on the other hand, the course covered the BA aluminium helical bevel gear reducers.


Both completed the course and obtained MAC certification in assembly for the products concerned.



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