Why the Easter symbol is an Egg?

02 April 2021

According to some pagan beliefs, the sky and the planet were considered to be two hemispheres creating a single egg, while the ancient Egyptians considered the egg to be the hub of the four elements of the universe (water, air, earth and fire).

In the Middle Age, giving decorated eggs to the servants as a gift, became a tradition.

In the same period, the egg also symbolised the nature rebirth in during spring.

In Catholic traditions, the egg was a symbol of life, as a metaphor of the risen Christ.

The egg is like a stone and appears lifeless, like the stone grave where Jesus was buried. Inside the egg there is new life ready to bloom from what seems lifeless.

That is how, the egg becomes a symbol of Christ resurrection.

The Understanding of the past helps us to understand better the present and we are always fascinated by history. Did you know the origins of this symbol?

Happy Easter to all!

Why the Easter symbol is an Egg?
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