An autumn full of events for Motovario Italian distributors

11 September 2019

A two-month period, that of September and October, seeing 3 Motovario Italian distributors engaged in a road show, during which all the news will be presented.

MHD series: Mid-Heavy Duty gear reducers
conceived and designed for continuous, critical and particularly arduous applications requiring a high number of accessories, as well as dedicated options for the heavy-duty industry.

Clean Duty
the solution designed by Motovario for the food industry and for all those application sectors in which a very high hygienic standard is required.
Thanks to its design features, materials and applied technology, Clean Duty finds its right place starting from the primary process of material transformation, for example along the packaging lines of fruit or other fresh foods. 

D series: AM16, EM16, LM16 inverters

characterised by a high performance vector control with impressed current for high dynamic applications and significant torque overloads up to 200% such as, cranes, elevators, drilling machines, presses, winders/unwinders, spinning machines.

compact, robust and versatile, it is equipped with a high performance sensorless vector control that allows for a dynamic management of the motor.

its compact and essential structure makes it particularly suitable for an easy and intuitive use.

MHm: Predictive Maintenance
the MHM platform is an innovative 
and cutting-edge solution for the management of the operating status of the machines. 
It uses MEMS (Electromechanical Microsensors) sensors and advanced IoT (Internet of Things) communication technology to provide remote, real-time and interactive functions between any type of machine via smartphones and monitoring systems.

M series: TECO motors
TECO IE3 cast iron squirrel-cage induction motors are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the latest European and international standards. The high quality and reliability of the construction make this solution particularly suitable for all industrial sectors

On 25th-26th-27th September, Gesa will open the autumn season of Motovario events in Cisterna di Latina, showing off its new products.

Afterwards, on Tuesday 15th October, DB Componenti, will present its new products and inaugurate its MAC centre, Motovario Assembly Centre in Marcianise in the province of Caserta.

The last Italian event will be held on Wednesday 5th November in Oggiono, Lecco, organized by FIB, Forniture Industriali Brianza.


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