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Do you need to motorise a pump? Motovario has the solution for you!


Motovario: the art of moving fluids needs always a heart of motion!

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Motovario's transmission expertise ensures reliable and versatile products that represent an adequate response to all types of pumps. Peristaltic, lobe pumps, centrifugal pumps or progressive cavity pumps can be motorised with Motovario products depending on the need and the area of use.

In fact, in recent years the pump market has allowed us to achieve important goals as well as to strengthen market share. Partnerships with new customers have allowed us to study new applications, including the new Drivon inverter motor and the upgrade of the H series helical gear reducers in cast iron.

Whatever the area of use of the pumps - chemical, pharmaceutical, waste water treatment, food, oil&gas - Motovario is able to develop the most appropriate application based on the customer's demands.

Here are some examples of pump motorisations:

  • The series B orthogonal gear reducer is a durable and resistant product, particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications. There is also an aluminium model that provides excellent value for money.
  • The NMRV worm gear reducer of the VSF series stands out for its ease of maintenance and is therefore suitable for motorisation in hard-to-reach locations.

The same family includes the NMRV POWER worm, distinguished by its modularity and configuration flexibility.

  • The H series helical gear reducer is particularly suited for applications where a controlled noise level is required, as in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.
  • The same family also includes the HA aluminium helical gear reducer combined with the DRIVON inverter motor, a particularly compact solution. The presence of the inverter on the motor also ensures energy savings thanks to the optimisation of the work cycle guaranteed by using Drivon.
  • Finally the DRIVON inverter motor delivers high performance at start-up, and the decentralised solution allows for its use in applications where the pump itself needs to be moved.

Drivon provides the torque required by the application, ensuring energy efficiency. Its variable speed operation provides the ability to optimise the use of the pump according to customer needs.

In fact, the decentralised inverter, also coupled with Motovario gear reducers, ensures significant energy savings for the end customer.


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