Food industry: Motovario worm gear reducers are the most suitable answer for fruit processing

08 April 2020

In the food industry, Motovario worm gear reducers, VSF series, are particularly recommended.

The fruit calibration, packaging, selection and processing phases are mainly driven by our NMRVPower worm gear reducers, from size 040 to 063, coupled with electric motors, type TH080B4, strictly Made in Italy

When the loads are greater, the solution is composed by Made in Italy electric motors M series coupled with Motovario products HA62 and PB123, respectively H series helical gear reducers and helical bevel gear reducers B series.

These are the most reliable technologies on the market that have led us to be leader in the food industry. A know-how of over 50 years that ensures and guarantees continuous work along the whole fruit processing line.

We collaborate with strategic partners on the entire processing line: from harvesting in the field to selling in large-scale distribution.

It is also thanks to Motovario, that the best products arrive on our tables every day!


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