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Motovario Power Transmission Components for the 9100 series of TREPKO


The food packaging industry is still one of the most important sectors for products supplied to the market by Motovario, as demonstrated by the last trade agreement with Trepko, a Danish company that boasts 60 years of experience in the manufacture of filling and packaging machines for the food industry.

Motovario products have been installed on Trepko Series 9100, automatic machines for the forming of packaging, for the filling with liquid food, semiliquid or pasty (such as the yogurt) and finally, the real novelty of the Series 9100, the sealing of the packaging itself.

The machine produces up to 50,000 cups per hour, whilst keeping compact dimensions to a minimum: Trepko series is by far the most compact on the market.

The supply of Motovario products is part of a project of fundamental importance for the Danish company, where the imperative was to give a precise answer to the customer for the drives and for the strict requirements of high hygienic environment.

The solution proposed by Motovario is composed of:

- Worm geared motors
SWX size 050 with three-phase motor TSX063
SW size 040 with three-phase motor TS063
NMRV size 040 three-phase motor TS063

- Bevel geared motors in aluminum compact
CBA size 42 with three-phase motor brake TBS063
CBA size 52 with three-phase motor brake TBS071
CBA size 53 with three-phase motor TS063

A positive co-operation between Motovario and Trepko, which rewards the new commercial offer of geared motors suitable for use in environments with special hygiene restrictions, such as the food industry.

Motovario is proud to supply Trepko, a multinational company of main importance in the packaging industry, serving customers in more than 90 countries around the World.

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