TECO aluminum motors for the medical industry

08 January 2021

TECO aluminum motors are used in the medical industry and are used for various applications: oxygen generators, compressed air and medical vacuum units, high-pressure cylinders filling systems, anesthetic gas evacuation units, and manifolds.

The choice is the aluminum series, and not cast iron due to their weight. They are in fact lighter to transport, as well as having an excellent quality/price ratio.

Specifically, TECO aluminum motors are used in cylinder filling systems. An application of this type can refill 10 to 100 oxygen cylinders every day, with high-pressure oxygen from 150 to 200 bar.

The application itself and therefore also the TECO motors must ensure total safety, reliability and the quality of operation required without interruption.

These machines are used in environments such as hospitals, clinics, and health centers and wherever there is a need for solutions capable of administering oxygen and medical gases to the patient.

We are alongside the Doctors Without Borders and numerous entities within field hospitals!

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TECO aluminum motors for the medical industry
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