With the treatment MotoNiTech© Motovario's Clean Duty gearmotors are not afraid of the passage of time

04 March 2020


Clean Duty gearmotor is the solution designed by Motovario for the food industry and for all those application sectors in which a very high hygienic standard is required.


CLEAN DUTY is able to operate at its best in contexts where the processing of materials creates dirt, water stagnation and corrosive actions, thanks to its innovative surface chemical treatment that is now a registered trademark MotoNiTech©.


CLEAN DUTY brilliantly passed the immersion corrosive tests using the most popular detergents and sanitizers in the industrial cleaning market supplied by Ecolab.


Thanks to the high chemical resistance of the MotoNiTech© coating and the complete coverage of the surface, the treatment protects against:

•          the acids of food products

•          washing with acids and alkalis with PH from 2 to 12

•          high-pressure washing

•          aggressive chemical solutions


This is why Motovario's worm gearmotor, which has always been considered the best product on the market, is perfect for the food industry:

•          Compact size

•          Highly resistant surfaces

•          Great versatility


Find out why the CLEAN DUTY gearmotor designed by Motovario offers high performance in challenging production contexts and is therefore an indispensable means for obtaining high-quality processes.

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