Hello, my name is Sara

09 September 2022

Hello, my name is Sara and I work in the aluminium PAM assembly area.

I joined Motovario when I was very young; I was barely 18 then and I am now 30.

In these 12 years, I’ve gained considerable experience that allows me to also work with testing machines and spare parts.

I like every aspect of my work!

Motovario for me means:

- Passion, because I carry out my work every day with great dedication

- Family, Motovario is like a “home” to me; I spend a lot of time with my colleagues and I get on very well with them.

- Tranquillity, because I am always happy to come to work and the environment is calm and conducive to personal growth.

I walk a lot during my shift at Motovario as the production site is very big, and some days I lose count of the amount of steps that I walk during a shift. Great for me as I am a fitness fan. In my free time, however, I still do my favourite sports: gymnastics and Zumba.

Hello, my name is Sara
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