I’m Francesco Manieri...

06 June 2022

I'm Francesco Manieri, head of Technical Sales Support, and my job is to support the sales force and customers in Xing gear reducers.

In a nutshell, I tailor gear reducers to any kind of application.

If I were to describe Motovario in three words I would say:

  • Success
  • A close-knit team
  • Family


Success because since its foundation in 1965, Motovario has always been a growing company becoming more and more structured, reflected in its addition to the @TECO group.

The experience we acquire over time is essential in what we do.

When on site, you often understand that theory is one thing but practice can be very different. This is precisely why I enjoy sharing my experience of over 16 years in the transmission components sector with ‘my’ team.

I can now confidently say that a close-knit team makes the difference.


Lastly, family. Why family?

Because there is a unique atmosphere at Motovario, with colleagues and management that show a deeply human side, every day.


This is Motovario… the workplace that allows you to combine mechanics with dreams, becoming part of more complex mechanisms and where your simple approach becomes something magical.

I’m Francesco Manieri...
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