13 March 2020
The new E510s - Compact Vector Control Drive - Serie aims to strengthen Motovario’s market position and enable expansion into new markets.
The new E510s, succeeding to the innovation, superiority and high performance of 510 Series Drive, is designed to comply with worldwide standards and power ratings to deliver a cost-effective solution for various application requirements.

Points of Strengths of the New E510s Series
  • The E510s is an extension of the E510 and introduces different new functionality but also an extension of power range up to 55kW
  • Thanks to integrated STO function (PLd; SIL 2) E510s can now handle applications where safety is a must condition without use external solutions.
  • With the integration of network cards the world to industry 4.0 is opened (Devicenet; Profibus, CANopen and Ethernet) and others coming soon.
  • The possibility to connect different PM motors with three PMSLV control modes fulfills the demand to realize even more eco-friendly and economical drive systems
The E510s will be offered parallel to the E510 and is stocked as standard item up to 11kW



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