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The AM16 series is distributed on a wide power range from 0,75kW to 90kW with 3ph 400V power supply and made in 6 different mechanical sizes.

The AM16 is characterised by a high performance vector control with impressed current for high dynamic applications and significant torque overloads up to 200% such as, cranes, elevators, drilling machines, presses, winders/unwinders, spinning machines.

  • Speed range: 1:1000
  • Speed precision: ± 0,1%
  •  Starting torque at 0 Hz: 200%


Thanks to the three-mode Auto-Tuning function, the user can significantly reduce commissioning times, maximising product performance.

  1. Dynamic Auto-tuning
  2. Static Auto-tuning
  3. Stator resistance in line estimate                                                                                       


The AM16 series, featuring sophisticated speed and torque control algorithms, allows managing both asynchronous induction motors (IM) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PM) with open-loop adjustment and in feedback mode with standstill torque.

With the four quadrant operation, during braking phase, the AM16 inverter is able to prevent the Overvoltage effect by redirecting the regenerative energy towards the motor, thus avoiding the use of the braking resistor.

To facilitate the user selection of the motor control mode most suitable for the application, the AM16 series provides for a series of Macro-applications to be selected through software parameter which set the inverter for the operation requested.

Besides motor control functions, the AM16 series is also equipped with an integrated PLC programmable through Ladder language, complying with standard IEC 61131, which allows the inverter to independently manage the processes, also complex ones, which do not necessarily interact with the motor dynamics.

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• Closed-loop, V/f and sensorless vector control for induction motors (IM)
• Control for permanent magnet motors (PM)
• Motor Auto-tuning function
• 200% of the rated torque at 0Hz
• Braking torque 20% without resistance, 100% with optional resistance
• Integrated braking transistor up to 30kW
• RTU Modbus RS485 interface through RJ45
• 3 types of PWM modulation available
• Motor noise reduction function
• 2/3 wire wiring
• 8 Multifunction inputs
• 4 Multifunction outputs
• Programmable relay Output contacts
• Input and output phase loss control
• Auto-tuning of the modulation frequency according to the temperature
• Parameter protection with password
• 7 application masks available: pumps, fans, conveyors, cranes, compressors,
lifting, HVAC
• 16 programmable fixed speeds
• 16 acceleration/deceleration ramps for each fixed speed
• 16 programmable cyclic speed sequences
• Pulse train frequency reference (speed)
• 4 acc/dec independent S-ramps
• Internal PLC functions with Ladder language (Timers, Counters,
Comparators, ...)
• PID function that can be monitored on display
• Electromechanical brake control logic
• Input and output values that can be displayed
• Controlled motor stop with no power supply
• Energy-saving function
• Predictive maintenance functions on main components.


Type Power supply range P [kW] Rated output current [A]     
AM16-340     (380 ÷ 480) V / 50 - 60 Hz           0,75 ÷ 90      3,4 ÷ 180                                         


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