Coral chooses Motovario for air filtration systems

14 June 2013
The reliability of Motovario’s Worm gear reducers NMRV has been the winning choice made by Coral, an Italian Worldwide company, for the production of air filtration systems for industrial environments and wood drying units.
Coral has chosen, for its silos’ exhaust system, the standard version and the Atex certified version of the worm gear reducers NMRV power, size 110 with FB output flange.
The rotary star valves are driven by Motovario’s NMRV, which feed an outgoing conveyor from the air-material separator.
The rotary star valve is a rotating device, which allows the continuous and automatic unloading of the filtration unit of the hopper, avoiding the connection between the two environments with different pressures for the filtration zone and the unloading zone.
Thanks to this division, the storage of dust and waste produced during the working cycle, is not directly in contact with the filtration zone, in this way the potential risks of fire is drastically decreased.
For the case of polluting dust, the rotary star valve feeds a conveyor which fills a container for the disposal.
For the case of wood drying, the conveyor feeds wood chips to an intermediate tank and then a boiler. 
Motovario thanks to the reliability of its products plays a fundamental role in industrial pollution control systems.



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