Motovario, applications for chemical industry. Solutions for wastewater treatment plant

18 March 2012


Wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage. Its objective is to produce a treated effluent from which are removed all the particles, sediment and organic materials.

In a wastewater treatment plant there are usually two specific lines dedicated to the water and to the sludge treatment.


As far as all wastewater treatment processes are concerned, Motovario is the supplier in the aeration process for the drives unit of the surface aerators which are present in the water treatment basins.

In this type of machine are used helical bevel gear reducers characterized by the following features:
• Ratio: 22
• Output torque: 3500 Nm
• Motor power: 18 kW

The helical bevel gear reducers ensure high  capacity of thermal dissipation, it possible to use this type of reducers where ambient temperatures and daily thermal excursion are high; furthermore it is possible connect two different machines to the same reducer thanks to the double output shaft, accessory available for Helical Bevel B series.

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