Motovario, solutions for the renewable energy

30 May 2012

The technological development of recent decades has led to the exponential growth in the global energy consumption, increasing the need to create new sources of renewable energy. The photovoltaic market is constantly growing up, as well as the high efficiency request through technologies able to improve the energy production of photovoltaic modules. An example of these technologies are the solar trackers, electromechanical and electronic systems which follow the trajectory of the sun as long as possible. Most of these are driven by electric motors with DC or AC power supply; generally considering that the system has a low rotation speed, it is often required the use of a gear reducer to reduce the speed at a value acceptable for the “tracking”.

Motovario solution

As far as the energy production made by photovoltaic systems, Motovario is supplying worm gear reducers for the movement of the single and dual axis solar trackers. For these applications is usually used a 4 poles electric motors, characterized by a power range between 0,18 and 1,1 kW.

The choice of this reducer type, especially as regards the solar tracker, is due to:
- High transmission ratio with small dimensions to ensure a slow rotation of the tracker;
- Low backlash;
- Possibility to use a torque limiter to reduce any “sail” effects of the structure;
- Irreversibility on the low speed shaft which doesn’t allow the movement of the tracker in the opposite direction.

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