Motovario Worm “green” reducers

23 May 2011
In 2008 the partnership was strengthened when Motovario was promoted again as the best partner in the service of the ESP solar tracker.
ESP designs, manufactures and installs structures and industrial electronics for hand-crafted photovoltaic cells.

The new commercial agreement sees Motovario as a supplier of two combined worm gear reducers NMRVpower110+NMRV050 and NMRVpower90+NMRV040, depending on the tracker size and a worm gear reducer NMRV040, which allows the tracker movement during the day permitting better solar energy exploitation.

The sun trackers must be able to make an azimuthal movement, rotation from east to west of 180 ° and a tilt movement, or rather horizontal- vertical rotation. Trackers with surface up to 75 m² make the azimuthal motion through the use of combined worm gear reducer NMRVpower110+NMRV050 coupled with a 0.22kW 4 pole motor. The tilt motion is obtained through the use of a NMRV040 coupled with a 0.37kW 4 pole motor.

The trackers with surface up to 50 m² make the azimuthal movement exploiting the coupling between the worm gear reducer NMRVpower090 and NMRV040 combined with a 0.18kW 4 pole motor. The tilt movement is performed using a NMRV size 040 combined with a 0.22kW pole motor.
To permit tilt rotation the Motovario worm gear reducers are mounted in combination with an anemometer that assesses the wind intensity and allows, if necessary, the lowering of the tracker.

All the motors are fitted with a low resolution encoder, a concept devised by Motovario, which allow the movement programming of the worm gear reducers and then of the trackers. The worm gear reducers have the advantage of being statically  irreversible which prevents tracker movement in the opposite direction giving benefit both for security reasons and for the correct operation of the machine.

Motovario shows again their reliability with partners in the industrial energy field.
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