MOTOVARIO: an important result in the telecommunications industry

16 February 2012


Placement and movement of satellite antennas, such as to orient the dish to the receiver satellite to keep the signal. The satellite dish is mounted on a support which allows the adjustment/movement in azimuth and elevation.
Motovario product
For the described application Motovario provides helical and bevel helical compact geared motors. The supplied products are used in the applications totally exposed to outdoor environment from to a temperature of -50°C(-58°F); these are therefore characterized by a painting process which allows to the geared motor to resist even to the extreme weather conditions (such as the antarctica desert).

More specific details are:
  • Totally sealed reducer housing with the motor
  • Low temperature lubrication;
  • IP56 motor protection;
  • Rain cover to avoid ice and snow build up on fan cover;
  • Power connection of the CA motor through the inverter to operate at frequency of 5 Hz for intermittent and slow operation.
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