Motovario presents NMRX and SWX for humid, corrosive and hygienic environments

24 September 2012

They are called NMRX and SWX and they are the gear motors trademarked Motovario, suitable for humid and corrosive environments, specifically for the chemical-pharmaceutical sector and for the food sector.

Resistance and reliability are the characteristics which distinguish the new range of products.  
For these reducers, materials, surface treatments, components and mechanical functions are used which make the NMRX and SWX, perfect for working in aggressive and/or very hygienic environments.
The flange fixing screws are in stainless steel on the inlet and outlet sides, such as with the AISI 316 stainless steel output shafts; the adhesive information plate is suitable for working in these environments; the inlet flange specifically for sealing the motor/reducer coupling; the lubricant is suitable for both high and low ambient operating temperatures and is of food grade quality which will not create problems with possible accidental contact with food-stuffs; the paintwork on the parts is carried out using a particular process rendering it corrosion proof and is available in RAL 5010 blue, RAL 9006 grey or RAL 9010 white.
These are only a few of the characteristics which render the product range, and their associated accessories, adapted to specific pourltry and fish industries, working with meats and for all food industries in general.
The same criteria of reliability, hygiene and resistance are ideal for chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical environments, for on-board or in port marine installations, both open and closed, such as with water courses.
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