The event "Innovation: the winning solution" is going to start at the French branch!

17 March 2017

Successfully completed the International Meeting in Italy, it is now the turn of the French branch.


23rd March, 2017, at the Actua Kart Chemin de Fournea, French customers are invited to participate at the meeting that will be the official presentation of all the updates about the group and bout the products.

The updates are in fact many and important and concerning different Motovario products: expansion of shaft mounted gear reducers S Series, the new series of parallel helcl and helica-bevel gear reducers PBH specific for heavy duty applications, the new helical gearbox HR1, dedicated to pump applications and the last born in Motovario: inverters AM16, LM16 and EM16 introducing new standards of work with reduced energy consumption that extend the D series, the DRIVES range that includes motoinverter branded DRIVON.

The occasion will also be important to analyze the performance of the group in the year 2016, to deepen the sales results and share the goals of 2017.


In the afternoon the guests will participate in the "Motovario Challenge", an amusing Go Karts race; the prize is a weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in northern Italy: Bologna! 

Good Luck! 



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