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Machines For Processing and Storage of Vegetable

Application description

In the food industry, the field of vegetables selection and processing is characterized by machinery that requires a level of flexibility based on the product that needs to be selected, transported and stored. In this area there are many companies that design and manufacture machines to offer new and more efficient solution.

Belong to this sector the machines involved in filling bags, baskets and boxes using variable speed drives and belt conveyors for conveying fruit and vegetables inside the bags. These machines consist of three functions that deal with move/convey, select and transport the product into bags which are subsequently stored in silos or warehouses.

For the operation of this type of machines mechanical variators with a gearboxes are used, with the aim of being able to change the filling speed in function of the loading/unloading of the productive day: as regards the mechanical variator is used a TXF from Motovario mechanical variators family, coupled with a worm gear reducer. The drive is managed by a pedal which activate/deactivate the movement of the belt conveyor, through a control box. 

Motovario Solution

For this type of application Motovario offers in its product range the mechanical speed variator, which allows to carry out a speed change even if with some limitations given by the mechanical solution.

The solution foresee the use of a gear reducer motovariator, made by:

Sizes 002 ÷ 010
Command type Manual
Control handwheel Disc Inc./Dec.


GEARBOX Worm gear reducer
Sizes NMRV030 ÷ NMRV-P075
Mouting Position Horizontal BS/B3


Sizes 63, 71, 80
Efficency level according to IEC60034-30
Power 0,18 kW ÷ 0,75 kW

Motovario offers an alternative to the mechanical variator, this solution is an electronic speed variator integrated on the motor. Smartdrive®, beyond ensuring a higher efficiency (the use of electronics increases the efficiency of the machine), it also provides greater flexibility in addition to the possibility of the entire machine evolution. 

Type Single phase
Sizes 063
Power 0,22 kW
Control type on board with/without potentiometer

The choice of the gear unit remains unchanged as product series, worm gear reducer, but in some cases it gets size / ratio variations.

Using the same components of the mechanical solution, through Smartdrive® can be eliminated the control box that allows the activation of the gearmotor, and connecting the pedals directly to the motoinverter using the digital inputs.

In terms of development of the machine Smartdrive® would also allow to remote the speed control, using the expansion board to connect a remote keypad (with or without potentiometer); it also has four digital inputs, of which only one is occupied, and the others can be used with electronic sensors that would act on the motoinverter and machine working way, using other functions available on the inverter.

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