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MOTOVARIO Corporation

1440 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway
GA 30004 Alpharetta - United States

Tel.: 001-770-752-0911
Fax: 001-770-752-5562

Person in charge for MAC: Lawrence White

Markets supplied: USA, Canada, Mexico

Warehouse: All MOTOVARIO products

Activities: Pre-sales & after-sales, warehouse, service

Motovario Corporation was founded in 1997 in Alpharetta, near Atlanta, Georgia. Motovario USA is a component assembly centre that operates throughout North America, offering both standard and customised solutions.

Every week, the Motovario Corporation receives individual gear reducer components from the production facilities in Formigine, Italy, which are 'stored' in a semi-automated warehouse with 1120 pallet spaces and the capacity to manage more than 30,000 codes.

Stocks of components are planned on the basis of a centralised MRP and fed to the assembly lines, ensuring just-in-time delivery to the customer.

Pre-assembled modules destined for decentralised assembly centres (MAC) in Dallas and Los Angeles depart from the 15240 m2 headquarters in Alpharetta.

This location is a strategic logistical point for the quick and efficient transport of products.

1997 - GERMANY

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Pfützenstr. 75
64347 Griesheim - Germany

Tel.: 0049-6155-842900
Fax: 0049-6155-8429030

Person in charge for MAC: Angelo Brogno
E-mail: angelo.brogno@motovario.de

Markets supplied: Germany

Warehouse: All MOTOVARIO products

Activities: Pre-sales & after-sales, warehouse, service

Motovario GMBH is located in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, and that it has been operating since its foundation in 1997 as a MAC (Motovario Assembly Centre) to guarantee the supply of Motovario products throughout the country, responding to customer needs promptly and effectively.

Since its foundation Motovario Germany has been a member of the IHK, which supports local businesses with a wide range of services.

Thanks to its expertise in gear reducers and mechatronics Motovario GMBH mainly operates in some specific industries including:

  • Automotive, food, chemical, packaging, glass and wood industries
  • Wind energy
  • Automatic doors and barriers

Thanks to a motivated, highly specialised and extremely service-focused team, Motovario GMBH has established long-term business relationships with customers based on respect and strong partnerships.

1997 - FRANCE

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42, Rue de l'Avenir
69740 Genas - France

Tel.: 0033-4-727902-50
Fax: 0033-4-727902-51


Person in charge for MAC: Florent Pecriaux
E-mail: florent.pecriaux@motovario.fr

Markets supplied: France

Warehouse: All MOTOVARIO products

Activities: Pre-sales & after-sales, warehouse, service

Motovario France was established in 1997, and is based at Genas, near Lyon. This strategic position means that it can deliver ready products to any part of Europe within 24 to 48 hours. 

Motovario France was the first MAC (Motovario Assembly Centre) for all our European subsidiaries.

Even though we now have over 50 MAC, Motovario France, with its over 3000 square metres of warehouse space, is still one of the main handling centres for Motovario products throughout Europe and North Africa.

With its highly specialist team, Motovario France can customise a product to fit the customer's requirements, offering a prompt and efficient service "built around the customer".


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Rushock Trading Estate
WR9 0NR Droitwich, Worcestershire - United Kingdom

Tel.: 0044-1299-250859
Fax: 0044-1299-251493


Person in charge for MAC: Stuart Wright

Markets supplied: United Kingdom

Warehouse: All MOTOVARIO products

Activities: Pre-sales & after-sales, warehouse, service

Motovario UK has had a subsidiary in Rushock, England since 1999. Motovario LTD was born from the acquisition of Gorton Engineering LTD, a company with over 30 years of experience  in the distribution of industrial articles and official importer of Motovario s.p.a since 1991.

Although Rushock is a small town, it represents a strategic point for the logistics hub of Motovario because, being in the Midlands, it can quickly interface with the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom.

Motovario UK has over 20 employees and is able to supervise the various activities related to sales, technical support, production and administration in full autonomy. Nearly all of the employees have worked at Motovario UK for over 10 years and some for almost 30. This experience and in-depth knowledge makes it possible to design solutions for customers in many different industrial sectors.

The English subsidiary is also a MAC, Motovario Assembly Centre, which allows it to assemble the gear reducers according to Motovario’s own precise standards.

2001 - SPAIN

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Pol. Industrial Camí del Plà - C/Costa del Plà,
n.3 - 08297 Castellgalí - Spain

Tel.: 0034-93-6333533
Fax: 0034-93-6333534


Person in charge for MAC: David Martin

Markets supplied: Spain

Warehouse: All MOTOVARIO products

Activities: Pre-sales & after-sales, warehouse, service

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