May Sales Cup: safety never stops!

31 May 2023

Gabriele Corradi, Motovario Area Manager, has been awarded the Sales Champions Cup for May!

Gabriele has shown exceptional commitment and achieved amazing results for the company.


The commission that sealed his victory involved supplying an initial sample of 500 TECO Smokespill motors for an important customer specialising in industrial fans. The contract signed with the customer will involve the provision of more than 2000 motors every year.

The Smokespill Motors have been awarded the relevant certification by Applus+, and can guarantee smoke extraction even under extreme conditions, with temperatures of up to 400°C. This advanced technology plays a crucial role in ensuring safety in public areas and work spaces, particularly during the management of emergency situations.


The result achieved by Gabriele and the sales department’s technical support team was the culmination of years of hard work alongside the customer, beginning in 2020 with the provision of the first prototypes, and continuing with successful tests in the following years.

The Sales Champions Cup is a monthly challenge for members of the company’s sales network, awarding those who manage to achieve particularly ambitious goals.

Congratulations to Gabriele Corradi on his well-earned victory!

May Sales Cup: safety never stops!
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