A new success story for Motovario in the sector of Garage Equipment.

15 September 2023

The customer approached Motovario with an interesting challenge. He wanted to increase the performance of his production facilities without infringing further on his available space. Motovario's technical sales support service, after careful evaluation of the customer's needs, proposed a customised power train (gear reducer + motor + inverter): specifically, Motovario's B series helical bevel gear reducers, renowned for their efficiency and reliability, were chosen.

Francesco Manieri, Technical Sales Support Manager, commented: "We were careful to select a suitable combination of electromechanical components in conjunction with B series helical bevel gear reducers, focusing on the customer’s needs for space containment.. In this way, we were able to increase overall performance by 15 percent without affecting the overall dimensions."

The solution had an immediate and positive impact on the customer's production facilities. It increased performance and, therefore, productivity and overall efficiency. This made it possible to achieve the goals without compromise, exceeding the customer's expectations. The B series helical bevel gear reducers with integrated Drivon® inverter motor is a tangible example of how technological innovation can be successfully applied to improve performance without prejudice to practicality.

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A new success story for Motovario in the sector of Garage Equipment.
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