28 January 2010

Motovario has given a contribution to the project of the Kinetic Light Installation designed by the artist Antonio Barrese: the Tree of Light.

This important work of art has been fully manufactured by Italian companies and it is not only a technical and artistic challenge, but also it is a symbol of the “Made in Italy”.

Motovario, after a careful evaluation of this unique project order, has provided the Tree of Light with some of its products; we have supplied two cast iron helical bevel gear reducers, B series, which are suitable for applications in environments characterized by low temperatures.

The tree of light is 33 metres high, as high as a nine storey building, it has an octagonal base with a diameter of about 20 metres and eight rotating cables covered with LED light modules. The Tree of Light changes colour by its continuous movement thanks to almost 20,000 LED components on the cables 

The tree of Light is situated in the square outside the Sforzesco Castle in Milan, where it will begin an international tour in five twin capitals and then it will be back in Milan on the occasion of the Expo 2015.

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