Cricket is technological with Motovario

30 July 2014

Installing a gear motor in screens placed on cricket fields dates back to December 2013, at the Bellerive cricket pitch in Tasmania, during "The Ashes" series between Australia and England, one of the most important Australian prizes.

Cricket pitch screens are just one of the necessary components of this type of sport. The screen is designed to create a contrast between the ball and background, is never kept in the same position for the entire duration of the match and allows players to follow the phases of the match.

Screens are often positioned manually, on wheeled carts, but on the most important cricket pitches they are mounted on rails and moved automatically, quickly and easily.

The challenge that Motovario faced was to find a solution for this application, with a product that would suit specific needs; the ideal gear motor is one with perpendicular axles, B series, with brake motor.

In order to obtain the power necessary to move the screen quickly and keep it firmly in position, two correctly sized units are installed in place of a single, more powerful gear motor, with another advantage: if one unit were to malfunction for any reason, the second would continue to work without interrupting match play.

The perpendicular gear motor guarantees a minimum output of 90% that can also reach 95% in optimum conditions. Motovario has thus triumphed in making technology a key tool during cricket matches, a sport that is particularly loved in English-speaking countries.



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