Motovario, a solution to tyre lifting

30 July 2014

Motovario's solution for the handling of heavy loads with no risk to a worker's health brings tyre storage to a whole new level.

This compact application features a worm gear motor mounted on a hoist that is capable of reaching a height of 3 to 5 metres.

Studies have considered the speed with which the machine should carry out the job: the process must be fast, with a lifting time of between 15 and 20 seconds.

In addition, this practical solution has a strategic and organisational value and complies with current health and safety laws according to which the manual and repetitive lifting of tyres can put the health of the worker at risk.

A gear motor was selected due to the fact that if there is a sudden loss of power, the mechanical system must be able to block itself in order to prevent tyres from falling, considering all of the forces and loads in question. The worm gear motor is characterised, in fact, by its static irreversibility.

In order to develop this solution, Motovario began its analysis by considering the risk factors and factory efficiency requirements before designing an application that is in great demand today across the world.



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