Motovario goes into space!

18 May 2021

We are ready for the universe, approaching new application planets.

Thanks to our AC motors and cast-iron helical gear reducers PH63, we power chemical pumps that mix special fluids. These mixed fluids are pumped into tanks stowed on board the rocket and power the engines. Thanks to the perfect mixing of liquids, controlled by our motorisation, space travel is guaranteed.

In addition, Motovario AC motors are explosion-proof and ensure safe and adequate mixing of rocket propellant.

If you want to go into orbit and beyond, our products ensure reliable and safe transport and provide adequate service.

In fact, Motovario was chosen for its reliably fast response time and its co-engineering drawings at the ready.

Stay with us to experience other incredible adventures.

2021 will be an important year for Motovario, more big news is coming very soon!

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