How was the emblem of the Italian Republic born?

02 June 2022

Always curious and eager to learn, we wondered how the emblem of our Republic originally came about.


The design was chosen by public competition in October 1946. The sole requirement was inclusion of a white five-pointed star representing the land of Italy.

The emblem of the Italian Republic, consisting of a five-spoked cogwheel, an olive branch and an oak branch, and of course the white five-pointed star, was formally adopted on 5 May 1948.

The oak branch symbolises the strength and dignity of the Italian people.

The olive branch represents Italy's will for peace, both internally and vis-à-vis other nations.

The steel cogwheel, symbol of work, relates to Article 1 of the Italian Constitution which reads: “Italy is a democratic republic, built on labour”.

The steel cogwheel in fact bears similarity with the Italian pictogram, the blue metal ring. The heart of the Motovario movement is like the heart of the Italian Republic; everything moves and we try to be part of your movement with our products.


Happy Italian Republic Day!

How was the emblem of the Italian Republic born?
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