Dairy industry: the production of Grana Padano cheese according to Motovario standards

16 April 2020

Motovario supports the production process of the dairy industry by supplying the gearboxes that move the stirrers, which have the task of mixing the milk during the processing of cheese.

The products selected by Motovario for this application are the compact helical gear reducers, H series, model CHA42, whose configuration allows for a very small footprint.

The helical geared reducer is extremely reliable because it guarantees the milk to be constantly mixed at the same speed to maintain the correct temperature.

To get an excellent product, it is necessary that the movement of the stirrers is constant in order not to thicken and to maintain the quality of the milk unaltered.


To find out more about the heart that beats inside the production process of Grana Padano cheese, the excellence of Italian production: contact marketing@motovario.it


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