Mixing tanks for tomato sauce: the gear reducers are signed Motovario

05 May 2020

Mixing tanks for food applications have strategic and basic importance in the food industry sector.

It is essential that the mixing is carried out correctly, in order to avoid damage to the product, and not to make it too much thicken and not to alter the flavor of sauce and ingredients.

Many Motovario gear reducers are used to drive the agitators of mixing tanks all over the world.

The best performing products are the worm gear reducers, VSF series, NMRVPower size 090 and 110, and the B series, helical bevel gear reducers, size 123.

The B series gearbox requires very little maintenance and is particularly reliable, a guarantee of constant work and no machine downtime.


Not only tomato, but also jam, fruit or vegetable purees and all those products that need constant mixing before being potted.


Flexibility and correct functioning are two fundamental ingredients to guarantee the best result.

Motovario ranks among the best companies able to support the requests of the food sector.


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