Starlinger: new solution offered by Motovario for packaging

01 April 2014

Starlinger a leading company in the world market for machinery and process technology for woven plastic sack production, confirms the partnership with Motovario GMBH, Austria, by choosing its products for the machine  Alpha61Alpha-88SL61; FX6.0; RX6.

The circular loom is the state of the art for lightweight circular or flat fabric for production of tarpaulins, lumber wrap, technical fabric and packaging fabric.

The technical solution provided by Motovario consists of the worm gears which are responsible that the woven material is coming out from the machine with a certain pull.
- SW063 80.0 VS 25 U MV 0578+TS71A4 is used on machine: SL61; RX6
- NMRV-P075 100.0 35 U MV+TS80A4 is used on machine: Alpha 61
- NMRV-P090 100.0 35 B3 MV+T80-4 is used on machine: Alpha 88

The helical gear winds the finished material to a cylindrical bale.
- CHFA32 60.67 120 20*40 U MV+TS63C4 is used on machine: SL61; FX6.0; RX6
- CHFA42 48.75 140 25*50 U MV+TS071 is used on machine Alpha 88

This combination of gearboxes, chosen by Starlinger, is today the most innovative in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

Motovario confirms to be a reliable partner in the world of packaging providing advanced technological solutions able to meet the production needs of this sector.


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