Nemawashi Q1 2024: solid roots for Motovario’s future

18 March 2024

Nemawashi Q1 2024: solid roots for Motovario’s future

Nemawashi Q1 2024 ended in February Nemawashi is a concept used in Lean Manufacturing that means ‘laying the groundwork together for continuous growth’. And that is exactly our goal: to increasingly strengthen the foundation of our business by sharing and encouraging collaboration across departments.

The event was lively and well-attended by both familiar and new faces, including some of our new colleagues.

CEO Franco Pacini opened the meeting and presented the figures for our parent company TECO, which achieved a 2% growth in 2023.

TECO operates in several sectors, including green mechatronics, which is a rapidly expanding market that is also of strategic importance to Motovario.

Although the European market has been somewhat sluggish, TECO has experienced an increase in business due to the worldwide success of its high-voltage motors.


The Sales Director, Gian Paolo Goldoni, reported positive business results for 2023: the company gained over 35 new customers, established new MACs (Motovario Assembly Centres) with new distributors, held two very important meetings with partners, and successfully launched a CRM renewal for two branches. Additionally, the MAC Premium project is expanding both domestically and internationally.

Gian Paolo also discussed his business objectives for 2024, which include opening a new branch in Turkey.


Group Controller Paolo Franzoni introduced the Budget for 2024 and discussed the project related to the new data collection method. The Finance team processes reports in real time and ensures two-way communication with the parent company. This project is an integral part of the digitalisation process that Motovario is currently implementing.

During his speech, R&D Director Gianfranco Rolando emphasised the importance of optimising legacy products and updating the HPL project.


The Operations Director, Giovanni Terranova, also discussed the remarkable results achieved over the past four years: specifically, accidents have decreased by 85%. Positive trends were also observed in the PPM and Machining segments. Thanks to the numerous investments made in the Formigine plant, the production of gear reducers in the HBS range has increased by 72% in just two years.

Before concluding the meeting and summarising Franco Pacini’s takeaways, our Human Capital Director Andrea Gatti, along with Human Capital Business Partner Simona Coci, presented statistical data on the Motovario population and its branches.

An important piece of information was shared with the audience: the average length of service is over 14 years, which is two years higher than the national average according to the Italian financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore. In 2023, 600 hours of training were provided.

Moreover, the recent partnership with Tecnopolo di Carpi will make it possible for all Unimore students to collaborate with Motovario by participating in projects and workshops, writing theses and completing internships.


Thank you all for participating and contributing to the Nemawashi process. Heart of Motion!


Nemawashi Q1 2024: solid roots for Motovario’s future
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