The Italian group Motovario takes over the established Spanish company Pujol Muntala

09 May 2014

The Motovario Group, a multinational Italian leader in the production of gear units for industrial and civil applications, has taken over Pujol Muntalà, one of the most renowned Spanish companies for the designing, production and distribution of geared units and elements for power transmission.

This takeover is characteristic of the development strategy of Motovario, which is based on seeking out opportunities for growth on an international scale through integration projects and industrial partnerships.

The aims of this initiative are to support the re-launching and the value of a well-known company such as Pujol Muntala, equipped with a wide-range of products perfectly suited to those of the Italian multinational and with their strong brand that is well established in Europe, through the opportunities deriving from the economies of scale and the strengthening of business policies on an international scale.

This enterprise will allow Pujol Muntala to respond with renewed efficiency to  a  market  in  continual evolution. In addition it will allow the company to strengthen an already solid, competitive position, while at the same time safeguarding the identity and the continuity of the company. This  can  be  achieved  thanks  to  the  deep-rooted  market share and the undisputed quality of the product and the staff who make up the organization.

The takeover, concluded by way of the foundation of a new company called Gear Solutions ES SI, will not require any integration with the production and business structures of Motovario. It will in fact allow the Spanish group to take full advantage of their own potential by supporting them with financial resources and assistance in defining business strategies, along with the planning and realization of development projects and operative support.

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