What is safety for Motovario?

22 April 2020

Safety, from the Latin "sine cura": without worry.


This is how we want all our employees to work: “without worry”

We have immediately secured, since unexpected times, all production departments, offices and common areas.

Gradually we will return to normality, we will rewrite the meaning of the term everyday life.

We will meet colleagues, exchange opinions again and meet according to new rules: keeping the safety distance, using the mask and the sanitizing gel.

We will take care of each other with respect and professionalism.

"We are all in the same boat" to quote a proverb.

We may be afraid, we may feel disarmed, but we know that this is only a moment of transition and we know that in Motovario everyone can work safely.

We will continue to work because we serve with responsibility, several primary supply chains and in addition to taking care of ourselves, we take care of you.

#staystrong #staysafe

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