Sales Champions Cup: a double win for Paolo Bisi

19 March 2024

Every month, we introduce a new element to promote healthy competition within our sales network. Paolo Bisi, the Area Manager for Italy, has been added to the list of finalists who will compete for the final cup.

Paolo has been with Motovario for 24 years and has played a crucial role in implementing many of Motovario’s product applications across a wide range of industries.

‘I am just as excited as I was on day one,’ says Paolo.

He won the Sales Champions Cup of the month in the following areas:

  1. Automation and Robotics.

Products supplied: H range aluminium helical gear reducers.

After considering various options, the customer chose Motovario for their aluminium product due to its superior price-performance ratio. This great response validates Motovario’s investment in expanding the range of both helical gear reducers and helical bevel gear reducers.


  1. Food and Beverage.

Products supplied: worm gear reducers and combined worm gear reducers.

Service has been the key to this success. By relying on the Motovario team, customers have guaranteed access to stock and scheduled orders, ensuring prompt delivery of the most requested solutions.

Well done Paolo!

Sales Champions Cup: a double win for Paolo Bisi
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