8th March 2023, Holi Festival: the festival of colours

07 March 2023

The Holi Festival, celebrated every year on the day after the first full moon in March, is also called the Festival of Colours.

Following the rhythm of the music, coloured powders mixed with water are thrown over the crowds of people, who celebrate by singing and dancing in the streets.

It is an ode to joy, a moment where all sorrow and constraints are left behind to embrace life in all its beauty and rejoice in the rebirth of humanity.


Not many know that the word “Holi” (which resembles “holy”) is associated with the act of “burning” something evil. Indeed, on the night before this famous celebration, a large bonfire is lit to “burn all forms of evil”.


Besides being deeply meaningful to the inhabitants, it is the most well-known Indian festival in the world. In fact, this celebration is spreading throughout various countries with different intentions and in different ways. The one thing that is shared, however, is the joy and light-heartedness of the people.


Best wishes to our Indian friends and hope you enjoy the festivities!

8th March 2023, Holi Festival: the festival of colours
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