The Motovario solution is SELF POWER IE4!

25 November 2022

In the European Union, there are 8 billion electric motors in use that absorb about 50% of all energy produced.

High energy absorption leads to higher emissions of greenhouse gases.

We’re out of time! We must preserve our planet!

The Motovario solution is SELF POWER: the first Self-starting synchronous reluctance motor without permanent magnets in super premium efficiency IE4.

Self Power is the eco-friendly solution for all applications where fast and precise control, reliability and compactness are required. Self Power is based on innovative design without rotor losses; the motor is smaller than an IE4 asynchronous motor and also produces less heat with the same torque. This means that Self Power can be used in all electromechanical systems with IE2 motors without any interchangeability issues. The absence of rotor losses has a significant impact on lowering bearing temperature and therefore an increase of reliability, lifetime and a reduction of the common downtime. Watch the video to discover the features of the new synchronous motor patented by Motovario and compliant with the new Ecodesign regulation. CARE FOR EARTH!


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