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Logic Relay SG3

Logic Relay SG3


The SG3 is a cost effective, easy-to-use, programmable relay for low and medium complexity applications.

It includes keypad and screen to control and monitor the application.

The SG3 offers the latest functionality required by the industry such as:

  • Built-in Ethernet communication
  • SD card port
  • Web-server tool

All these new features have the same layout and programming style of SG2, offering backward compatibility with existing SG2 programs.

SG3 is available in two basic modules sizes:

  • 10-12 I/O points
  • 20 I/O points

Optional expansion modules (digital or analogue I/O, temperature, communication and high speed output) are fully interchangeable from the SG2.





  • Max configuration of 88 inputs and 84 outputs with 9 I/O expansion modules.
  • Integrated Ethernet port.
  • Built-in LCD display and ten languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Simple Chinese, Polish, Russian and Turkish.
  • Email messaging function allows sending of a simple preset Alarm and I/O status message to a predefined email receiver.
  • SD card slot (max 32GB) as an external memory card to read/write user program, event log and configuration files.
  • Built-in Real Time Clock by using battery installed (CR1220, 5 years).
  • Expansion communication modules: Profibus-DP, DeviceNet & Modbus.
  • Programming languages: Ladder format (max 600 lines, 4 instructions per line). Function Block Diagram (FBD) format (max 500 blocks).
  • Built-in 31 multi-function timers, 31 sets of counters, 31 RTC comparators and 126 auxiliary & 31 analog compare.
  • Relay output contact rating max 8A / Transistor output rating max 0.5A.
  • Two level Password protection function (16 bit password).
  • Free PC programming software provides Ladder & FBD program read/write/monitoring/ server and network set up functions.




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