MOTODOOR is the solution designed by Motovario for industrial and residential doors, it is perfect for OEMs who want to integrate their control systems.

Motodoor is a safe, efficient and reliable geared motor that guarantees advanced solutions for normal work cycles, to lock doors in the event of a fault and to move it manually.

Ideal for high speed roll-up and sectional doors, the automation is carried out through a geared motor that optimises the door movement system. A safety system minimises risks associated with movements and usually consists of a mechanical internal parachute system combined with a self-braking motor.

The MOTODOOR solution also includes optional manual release devices and MOTODOOR’s design ensures high durability and maximum reliability over time.


The benefits of our solution are:

Modularity: multi-position installation

Reliability: worm gear design for a long-lasting work cycle.

Flexibility: integration with customised electronic control system


MDA, standard solution. The worm gear reducer with an encoder shaft.

MDB, a solution certified by IFT Rosenheim, is an internationally accredited and notified testing laboratory.

This gear reducer model has a parachute system.


MDC, an advanced solution that includes a dedicated device to move the door manually. The worm gear reducer is fitted with a release lever




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