International Day of Light

16 May 2023

The International Day of Light, celebrated on 16 May each year, provides a special opportunity for us to reflect on the importance of light, and to promote awareness with regard to energy efficiency. Let’s take some time on this day to appreciate the natural and artificial light around us, and think about the importance of making wise choices to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Light is basic to our life on Earth. It allows us to see, grow, and go about our daily lives. Nevertheless, the energy required to produce light, especially artificial light, can have a significant impact on the environment. It is important to find ways to reduce energy consumption and encourage efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a key strategy for reducing consumption and our environmental impact. It involves using energy in a more intelligent and efficient way, reducing waste and maximising the resulting benefits. There are a variety of actions we can take to achieve this objective.

An important first step is to make use of more energy-efficient technologies and devices, as in our recent process of substituting traditional incandescent lightbulbs with LED technology. Indeed, this has now been fully implemented at our Ubersetto plant.

In addition, certain areas have been fitted with motion-sensor lights, to help prevent waste.

Finally, in some production areas, the equipment has been re-arranged to make maximum use of natural light during the day, while the recent resin treatment to the walls of the plant makes them highly reflective, providing more light for the work stations and reducing the need to use artificial lighting.

We have also nearly completed the installation of over 4000 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Formigine plant, which will considerably reduce energy consumption.

The International Day of Light is therefore a reminder that light is much more than just an attractive feature of our everyday life. It has profound implications for the environment and for global sustainability. We will continue to make wise choices with regard to energy and lighting, so that the whole Motovario workforce can enjoy light in a sustainable way and help reduce our impact on the environment.


International Day of Light
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