Motovario Safety first, seriously

28 April 2023

We have stressed in our calendar that everyone talks about safety, but not everyone truly acts to safeguard the health of co-workers.

However, safety has always been a top priority for Motovario.

We are aware that any activity performed entails risks.

Which is why we devote time and energy to ensuring that all processes are carried out safely and securely.

Our goal is still zero injuries and to ensure the utmost safety. Our EHS team is constantly striving to identify risks and put improvement measures in place to prevent accident events.

Safety is also our culture and mentality. Which is why Motovario encourages everyone to take a proactive attitude towards safety and to report any potential risks.

Safety at Motovario always comes first and we are determined to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for a better quality of life for the people working with us.

Safety first!

Motovario Safety first, seriously
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