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Drives E510 - E510S

Drives E510

E510 - E510S

The E510 drive series is an advanced open loop vector drive. It is the ideal solution for machine builder who needs a drive with a variation of integrated functionalities, like build-in PLC, in combination with good torque behaviour. For harsh environment the E510 is available in IP66.

The E510 is available both with single-phase (1ph) and three-phase (3ph) power supply.
The whole series is equipped with integrated EMC filter (detachable) that complies with class C2.

All versions feature integrated PLC and additional automatic functions which safes cost due to no need of external controller. Thanks to the standard integrated brake shopper equipped on all units, the E510 allows dynamic run in driving as also braking mode.





  • Output frequency up to 599Hz
  • Control mode include V/F and Advanced SLV
  • Motor Auto-tuning function
  • Removable digital display and keypad including speed adjustment potentiometer
  • Built-in Modbus RS485 communication for single and multiple control
  • RJ45 interface for PC and copy module
  • Communication interface modules for Profibus/ DeviceNet/ Ethernet(TCP/IP)/ CANopen
  • Internal PLC functions with Ladder language (Timers, Counters, Comparators, ...)
  • 16 programmable fixed speeds
  • 16 acceleration/deceleration ramps for each fixed speed
  • 16 programmable cyclic speed sequences
  • Built-in PID feedback control
  • Auto Carrier frequency change to limit inverter over temperature stop
  • Higher reliability and environment immunity with coated PCB
  • Built-in EMI filter C2 category. For interference suppression in compliance with (IEC) EN61800-3 and (IEC)EN 61800-5-1 standard.
  • IP20 and IP66 (NEMA4) version
  • Energy-saving function
  • Predictive maintenance functions on main components
  • Parameter protection with password
  • Input and output phase loss control

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