Helical gear reducers - cast iron

H - IH - PH - CH

Helical gear reducers - cast iron

  • H080Ppam112_CAM1 maxi
  • H080F112B5_CAM1 maxi
  • H080Fpam112_CAM1 maxi
  • H080P112B5_CAM1 maxi
  • H081F112B5_CAM1 maxi
  • H081Fpam112_CAM1 maxi
  • H081M112B5_CAM1 maxi
  • H081Mpam112_CAM1 maxi
  • H081P112B5_CAM1 maxi
  • H081Ppam112_CAM1 maxi
  • H081Upam112_CAM1 maxi
  • H100U-FB-300x38M-T132sB5_CAM 1 maxi
  • H100U-FB-pam300x38M_CAM 1 maxi
  • CH080F112_CAM1 maxi
  • CH080P112_CAM1 maxi
  • CH081F112_CAM1 maxi
  • CH081M112_CAM1 maxi
  • CH081P112_CAM1 maxi
  • IH080F_CAM1 maxi
  • IH080P_CAM1 maxi
  • IH081F_CAM1 maxi
  • IH081M_CAM1 maxi
  • IH081P_CAM1 maxi

Designed to offer maximum reliability even in the harshest operating conditions, the H product series guarantees complete versatility and is suitable for applications that require high radial loads. 
The H-series includes a large number of extremely versatile models, in cast iron (sizes 030 to 140).

Certifications Available: ATEX 2GD/3GD

Warranty: Two years from date of delivery. 

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  • Sizes: 030-040-050-060-080-100-125-140
  • Available versions: H - fitted for motor coupling, IH - with input shaft, CH - with compact motor, PH - fitted for motor coupling with flexible joint
  • Casing with feet, flange F or universal U
  • Power up to 45 kW
  • Gears hardened and tempered with shaved or ground profile 
  • Gearing with 1, 2 and 3 reduction stages 
  • Reduction ratios between 1,23 and 282,10
  • Torque max 8.000 Nm and admissible radial loads max 55.000 N 
  • Cases in G200 grey cast iron for high strength and optimized with FEM analysis
  • Load capacity calculated to ISO 6336 and verified according to AGMA 2001
  • Painted with RAL 5010 blue epoxy-polyester powder 
  • Accessories: output flange, backstop device, viton oil seals

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Motovario, if above information is provided, can confirm harmonization to EN1127-1 and from EN13463-1 to EN13483-8 for: H/HA Series - Helical gear reducers, B/BA Series - Helical bevel gear reducers, S Series - Shaft mounted gear reducers, NMRV/NMRV-P Series - Worm gear reducers.
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