VSF series
Worm gear reducers for aggressive environments and high hygiene requirements

Worm gear reducers for aggressive environments and high hygiene requirements



CLEAN DUTY is a solution developed by Motovario for the food industry and for all fields of application that require very high standards of hygiene. Clean Duty is made of AISI stainless steel and has been properly treated to prevent water and dirt from stagnating and depositing.

Clean Duty is a gearmotor ideally suited to the primary processing stage, for example on the packaging lines for fruit and other fresh foods.  Its compact size and high-quality surface treatments ensure high resistance, especially in corrosive environments.

Duration 28 days, which simulates a product used for 7 years






  • MotoNiTech® treatment of aluminium components
  • Hollow output shaft of AISI stainless steel
  • Adhesive label suitable for food environments
  • AISI stainless steel bolts and nuts
  • Oil suitable for food environments
  • Output seals resistant to high-pressure washing
  • Motor power up to 1,5 kW
  • Without fan and AISI cable gland
  • Smooth motor without flaps
  • Input flange with graphite gasket
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